How Does Cycling Benefit a Person’s Health?

One of the best outdoor activities that bring healthy benefits is cycling. It can energize your body from head to toe. A slow, leisurely ride of 10mph can burn 281 calories. It is ideal if you want a relaxing activity to supplement an active lifestyle. If you want to burn more calories, you can always challenge yourself to speed up more than 10mph. Cycling is an active way to pump up your heart without stressing your joints. Cycling gets your legs moving without so much force from the knees unlike running or jogging activities.

How does cycling benefit a person’s health?

Cycling is a form of aerobic which activates lungs, heart and blood vessels that in turn make you breathe deeper and increase body temperature. It helps your body metabolism to burn stored fats and calories.

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Health benefits of cycling include:

•    Cycling builds strength and tones muscles – It improves muscle condition of the body especially the calves, hips, rear end and thighs. Regular cycling benefits the hips and joints smooth mobility even if you are recovering from an injury or suffering from joint conditions.

•    Cycling is good for the heart – Studies show that regular cycling guarantees your risk of getting heart ailments by 50%. 20 miles ride weekly ensures a healthy heart and keep it beating steadily. It uses large muscles in your legs that increase heart rate and promotes stamina.

•    Cycling improves the condition of cardiovascular system – It keeps cardiovascular diseases away like high-blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. Regular cycling activity reduces the level of blood fats, lowers resting pulse and strengthens the muscles of your heart.

•    Cycling keeps cancer away – It helps reduce the risk of getting cancer especially breast and colon cancer. The reason is that exercise especially cycling keeps your cells active and healthy. Studies show that women who regularly cycle decrease the risk of getting breast cancer by almost 34%. A 30-minute cycling for men also brings immunity to cancer.

•    Cycling controls weight – It raises body’s metabolic rate which burns calories several hours after you stop this activity. If you want to speed up weight loss, you should be burning 2,000 calories per week through exercise and it is easier to attain by cycling. Regular cycling can burn 300 calories per hour. It is easy to increase pedaling time and intensity of the activity to pump up metabolism.

•    Cycling increases brain power – It helps blood and oxygen to flow better to the brain which boosts mind receptors to function better.  Cycling assists the brain to build new cells in the hippocampus region. This part of the brain is responsible for memory enhancement. Keeping this part healthy and productive reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Memory function of the brain starts to deteriorate at the age of 30.

•    Cycling makes you sleep better – It exposes you to daylight which helps in keeping your circadian rhythm in sync and makes your sleeping-waking up cycle normal. This is beneficial for insomniacs. It also eliminates stress hormone known as cortisol which prevents deep sleep essential for cell regeneration.

•    Cycling makes you look younger – It reduces signs of aging because increased circulation of oxygen in the body helps boost collagen production. Optimum circulation brings necessary nutrients to skin cells and flushes out toxins.

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