How to Ride a Bike

OK. So this is kind of weird for some, but I come across people most of the time who have never learned to ride a bike! I thought I’d put this out there as advice to folks looking forward to get on a bike for the first time no matter how old or young they are.

A bicycle can be put to many uses in day to day living and regularly doing so can enrich your lifestyle and health.

These are the simple steps to ride a bicycle:

First, locate a safe place preferably a concrete or short grass ground. It is important to note that the areas chosen are free from traffic, not rough and are not very steep. Ensure the seat is adjusted properly and the brakes are in order. If the brakes are on the handlebars, test to verify the one that controls the rear tire and the front tire. This can be done by pushing on the ground and applying the brakes. The seat needs to be adjusted so that the feet can touch the ground while seated. The long trousers need to be rolled up so as not to be trapped by the mechanisms while riding. Also remember to avoid wearing shoes that slide in the event you don’t want to use the brakes. Wearing of loose clothes should be avoided because they can get stuck and lead to accident. Helmet is important to protect the head. When practicing, avoid sudden application of brakes for this can lead to falling. Apply brakes gently when alighting.

Embark on bicycle with the seat lowered by ensuring one foot is on the ground until ready. Push yourself while balancing and steering. Take your time in this stage until balancing and steering are gained. Also learn how to turn. Remember, riding slowly will make one lose balance, therefore try as much as possible to move a bit faster to achieve balance. One can engage the services of a helper who can hold the bike at the back to stabilize.

After practicing on balancing and steering, walk to a gentle slope and ride down. Note that the end of the slope should be a flat area. Repeat to gather balancing.

After becoming comfortable with placing the feet on the pedals, practice riding down gentle slopes. Also learn how to apply brakes, maintaining balance and inclining.

Raise the seat but take note to have your toes’ tips touch the ground while seated. Learn to pedal down the slope and the flat area. Make slight turns then sharp turns, braking and disembarking and remain supported by one foot for balancing. Learn how to pedal from stop. Pedal up the slope and once these are mastered, try challenging tasks to gain knowledge on riding.

Patience, persistence and determination are important.

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