Useful Tips for Traveling

Dear fellow travellers!

No matter how much I travel, I always end up getting butterflies in my belly whenever I have to prepare for a new trip. It never gets old. I simply assume that it’s part of the fun! For those of you who don’t have too much experience or want to get familiar with a calmer and more relaxed travelling style, I’m here to share with you some basic travelling tips I always employ.

Planning ahead is the key to a successful trip. Don’t worry about this being too rigid and the danger of it hampering any possibilities of experiencing unexpected adventures. The idea is to set a general plan and travel with an open mind to break the plan whenever something great presents itself before us. I’ve often found that when I looked for the romanticism of travelling towards the unexpected, I missed out on very interesting possibilities and ended up wasting large amounts of my time. On the other hand, when I have prepared carefully my itinerary, I found myself encountering many unexpected situations and taking full advantage of them. This made me arrive back home having lived many experiences and not having had enough!

For an efficient planning, I tend to rely on certain aspects of my travel. The accommodation is crucial, somewhere where you can feel comfortable when you hit the bed. Maximum privacy for maximum comfort, without forgetting about the toilet. Remember, we want to feel like home. Remember to check for special events in the days you are traveling and book at least the first few nights in advance. I met someone who travelled to Japan from Europe during the cherry blossom season without booking the hotel. After two sleepless nights, he looked for a place to rest. He was forced to book a plane ticket back to Europe, losing a lot of money and gaining high levels of stress in the process. Knowing beforehand where to find the best places to eat within your budget will also do wonders in fully enjoying the travel and feeling energized by it. Knowing these places, however, does not mean that we should force ourselves to eat there. If a new opportunity presents itself, remember, open up to everything and enjoy the good things you may encounter.

On the other hand, having previous knowledge of the ins and outs of transportation wherever you are traveling will help you move in a quick and efficient manner, helping you save money in the process.

As I mentioned before, don’t underestimate the toilet. Every opportunity that you have, you should go, be it in a restaurant, in an office, or in a museum. We never know when we can go again!

To all my fellow travellers, take care and plan ahead!

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